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Trip Details

Travel Details and Dates:

Plan to arrive at the Munich International Airport On the morning of August 17th and depart on the morning of August 26th. This will provide for a total of 9 nights in the amazing Hotel Crystal.


Payment Information:

Quoted room rates are based on the current exchange rate and may be change at any time prior to payment.


Payment includes Transportation to and from the Munich Airport

Double shared room rates $1950.00 (Please note: this is a shared headboard room)

Double Roon single room rate $2600.00

Small Single room rate $2250.00 (there are limited number of these rooms)


Extra Days prior to or after $250.00 per day (Note; Does not included special transportation, we can help secure if requested

Breakfast- Typical European Style

Lunch – Provide as a sack lunch pickup in the morning

Dinner – This is special, prepared by a 3 star Austrian Chief inhouse.

Note: all dinner drinks are not included in the price.


Race Entry Fees:

These are not included in the price; we will confirm your choices and enter you into the events. A valid USA Cycling License is required. Make sure that your Health Insurances covers your competition

Road Races (2) 49.00 EURO Ea

Time Trial (1) 39 EURO

Vintage Road Race (1) 49 EURO

Hill Climb (1) 20 EURO

Airport Sprints (1) 20 EURO

Vintage Time Trial (1) 49 EURO

Pricing Changes – These prices are subject to change based upon the exchange rate at the time of deposit/registration. Please note that pricing is in Euro you can confirm the exchange rate at the time of payment.


Travel by Bus– includes ground transport from Munich to St. Johann and return to Munich if traveling with the group. Extra days may result in additional charges please confirm your travel plans with Tracy to ensure ground travel arrangements have been made.


Special Travel Arrangement – If you need some special travel arrangements, we will work with to provide then if possible, there may be some additional cost.


Price Increases -All reservations received after May 1st are subject to a $50 increase + any increase due to exchange rates. See notes below regarding refunds.


Late Fee- a late fee of $50.00 per person if application received after May 1st may apply

Cancellation Policy – Please contact Tracey with request


Refund Options:

Up to 60 days prior to arrival date: full refund

59-30 days prior to arrival date: 40% of hotel ( no entry refund)  full bus refund

29-14 days prior to arrival date: 30% hotel refund (no entry refund) full bus refund


13 days prior to arrival date – no refund

Travel Insurance – We recommend all our “travel Friends” to take out a holiday insurance (offered by Europäische Reiseversicherung)

Please use this link to sign up.

Another Trip Cancellation Insurance Option

Location Number 10-0200