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World Master Road Race Championships - St Johann, Austria
August 20-25, 2024

World Masters Cycling Championships and World Cup Road Races

Responding to valuable feedback, this year we’re reintroducing two road races for each age category, with the eldest categories commencing at Huberhöhe. This event, initiated by Franz Baumann 56 years ago, offers former cyclists the chance to compete in their age groups. It has attracted world champions and Olympians to St. Johann in Tirol and features a time trial on a completely closed federal road, offering an unparalleled racing experience. Open to racers over 30, with or without a license.

Vintage Cycling Championships

Our Vintage Event, featuring a leisurely ride focused on fun and enjoyment, as well as World Championship races under the auspices of the Cycling World Cup, is open to all with regulation bikes and attire. It’s impressive to see the speeds achieved on these heavier bikes by the racers. Those with a fondness for the good old days shouldn’t miss the Vintage World Championships – old gear, young racers!

Airport Sprints and Hill Climb Championships

The Airport Sprint on St. Johann’s runway is a 1000-meter time trial with individual starts at 30-second intervals. This unique setting welcomes both road and time trial bikes.The 2.5 km Mountain Sprint starts at the cable car parking lot and ascends to Gasthof Pointen on a road with gradients up to 16%, demanding everything but rewarding with excellent Kaiser Schmarrn at the top.

World Championship Time Trial

A solid 20 km effort on a closed course. One small climb on the course.

2024 Racing Schedule at a glance

Race Flyer

August 20th 2024 Tuesday

Vintage Road Tour

On Tuesday morning, the ride with historic steel frame bicycles takes place. The picturesque landscapes around St. Johann in Tirol are best explored on a relaxed bike tour along the rivers and mountains on the route of the cycling world cup, with small detours into the area.

August 21st 2024 Wednesday

World Cup Road Race

ClassAge Birth Year LapsDistanceStart Time
Class 75 75-791945-1949134 KM12:45
Class 8080-841940-1944134 KM12:45
Class 8585+-1939134 KM12:45
Class 70+ Women70+-1954134 KM12:45
Class AB18-391985-20063110 KM13:00
Class C40-441980-19843110 KM13:00
Class D45-491975-19793110 KM13:00
Class E50-541969-1973274 KM13:10
Class F55-591964-1968274 KM13:10
Class G 60-641959-1963274 KM13:10
Class A Women30-391985-1994274 KM13:15
Class B Women40-441980-1984274 KM13:15
Class C Women45-491975-1979237 KM13:15
Class H65-691955-1959137 KM13:25
Class 7070-741950-1954137 KM13:25
Class D Women50-541970-1974137 KM13:30
Class E Women55-591965-1969137 KM13:30
Class F Women60-641960-1964137 KM13:30
Class G Women65-691955-1959137 KM13:30

August 22nd 2024 Thursday 

World Championship Time Trial and Vintage

Schedule World TT Championship
ClassAge Birth Year LapsDistanceStart Time
Class 1 Men30-391985-1994n/a20 KMTBA
Class 2 Men 40-441980-1984n/a20 KMTBA
Class 3 Men45-491975-1979n/a20 KMTBA
Class 4 Men50-541970-1974n/a20 KMTBA
Class 5 Men55-591965-1969n/a20 KMTBA
Class 6 Men 60-641960-1964n/a20 KMTBA
Class 7 Men 65-691955-1959n/a20 KMTBA
Class 8 Men70-741950-1954n/a20 KMTBA
Class 9 Men 75-791945-1949n/a20 KMTBA
Class 10 Men 80+-1944n/a20 KMTBA
Para Men 50+-1974n/a20 KMTBA
Class 1 Women30-391985-1994n/a20 KMTBA
Class 2 Women40-441980-1984n/a20 KMTBA
Class 3 Women45-491975-1979n/a20 KMTBA
Class 4 Women50-541970-1974n/a20 KMTBA
Class 5 Women 55-591965-1969n/a20 KMTBA
Class 6 Women 60-641960-1964n/a20 KMTBA
Class 7 Women 65-691955-1959n/a20 KMTBA
Class 8 Women70+-1954n/a20 KMTBA
Para Women 50+-1974n/a20 KMTBA
VH1 Men18-291995-2006N/A20 KMTBA
VH2 Men30-391985-1994N/A20 KMTBA
VH# Men40-491975-1984N/A20 KMTBA
VH4 Men50-591965-1974N/A20 KMTBA
VH5 Men60-691955-1964N/A20 KMTBA
VH6 Men 70-791945-1954N/A20 KMTBA
VH7 Men80+1944-N/A20 KMTBA
VF1 Women18-291995-2006N/A20 KMTBA
VF2 Women30-391985-1994N/A20 KMTBA
VF3 Women40-491975-1984N/A20 KMTBA
VF4 Women50-591965-1974N/A20 KMTBA
VF5 Women60-691955-1964N/A20 KMTBA
VF6 Women70+1954-N/A20 KMTBA

August 23rd 2024 Friday

World Masters  Cycling Championships Road Race

ClassAge Birth Year LapsDistanceStart Time
Class 75 75-791945-194913412:45
Class 8080-841940-194413412:45
Class 8585+-193913412:45
Class 70+ Women70+-195413412:45
Class AB18-391985-2006311013:00
Class C40-441980-1984311013:00
Class D45-491975-1979311013:00
Class E50-541969-197327413:10
Class F55-591964-196827413:10
Class G 60-641959-196327413:10
Class A Women30-391985-199427413:15
Class B Women40-441980-198427413:15
Class C Women45-491975-197923713:15
Class H65-691955-195913713:25
Class 7070-741950-195413713:25
Class D Women50-541970-197413713:30
Class E Women55-591965-196913713:30
Class F Women60-641960-196413713:30
Class G Women65-691955-195913713:30

August 24th Saturday

World Championship Airport Sprints and Hill Climb

Schedule World Airport Sprint Championship
ClassAge Birth Year LapsDistanceStart Time
Class 1 Men30-391985-1994N/A1 KMTBA
Class 2 Men 40-441980-1984N/A1 KMTBA
Class 3 Men45-491975-1979N/A1 KMTBA
Class 4 Men50-541970-1974N/A1 KMTBA
Class 5 Men55-591965-1969N/A1 KMTBA
Class 6 Men 60-641960-1964N/A1 KMTBA
Class 7 Men 65-691955-1959N/A1 KMTBA
Class 8 Men70-741950-1954N/A1 KMTBA
Class 9 Men75-791945-1949N/A1 KMTBA
Class 10 Men80+-1944N/A1 KMTBA
Class 1 Women30-391985-1994N/A1 KMTBA
Class 2 Women40-441980-1984N/A1 KMTBA
Class 3 Women45-491975-1979N/A1 KMTBA
Class 4 Women50-541970-1974N/A1 KMTBA
Class 5 Women 55-591965-1969N/A1 KMTBA
Class 6 Women 60+-1964N/A1 KMTBA
Schedule World Hill Climb Championship
ClassAge Birth Year LapsDistanceStart Time
Class 1 Men18-291995-2006N/A2.7 KMTBA
Class 2 Men 30-391985-1994N/A2.7 KMTBA
Class 3 Men40-491975-1984N/A2.7 KMTBA
Class 4 Men50-541970-1974N/A2.7 KMTBA
Class 5 Men55-591965-1969N/A2.7 KMTBA
Class 6 Men 60-641960-1964N/A2.7 KMTBA
Class 7 Men 65-691955-1959N/A2.7 KMTBA
Class 8 Men70+-1954N/A2.7 KMTBA
Class 9 Women-39-1985N/A2.7 KMTBA
Class 10 Women40+1984 +N/A2.7 KMTBA

August 25th Sunday 

World Championship Vintage  Road Race

World Championship Vintage Road Race
ClassAge Birth Year LapsDistanceStart Time
VH1 Men18-401984-2006274 KM 
VH2 Men41-501974-1984274 Km 
VH# Men51-601964-1973137 KM 
VH4 Men61-701954-1963137 KM 
VH5 Men71-791945-1953137 KM 
VH6 Men 80+-1944137 KM 
VF1 Women18-301994-2006137 KM 
VF2 Women31-401984-1993137 KM 
VF3 Women41-501974-1983137 KM 
VF4 Women51-601964-1973137 KM 
VF5 Women61-691955-1963137 KM 
VF6 Women70+1954+137 KM